Future of Learning Council
Future of Learning Council

Come along and help us redefine the future of learning.

The Future of Learning Council is focused on defining learning to better meet the needs of our students. While the primary effort has been in support of developing successful implementation models for personalized, competency based learning, efforts have also focused on policy recommendations, leadership development, and providing high quality professional learning experiences for our members. At the core of our efforts, is the systemic shift of moving from a traditional time-based structure to one that is student-centered and designed around student mastery within a flexible learning model.

Future of Learning Council
Who We Are

Who is the Future of Learning Council?

In March 2017, a small group of Michigan school superintendents began meeting to share strategies on district redesign, learning innovations, and implementation strategies to support next generation student learning. This group of leaders met regularly to familiarize themselves with each other’s work and to share resources related to transforming their local learning communities. Over time, the group, which began as 6 public school districts, grew into a professional learning community of 19 districts or campuses and representing public and charter school systems. In the process, the group formally became known as the Michigan Competency Consortium (MCC). In 2021, the members of the MCC have unanimously agreed to transition our organization from the Michigan Competency Consortium to the Future of Learning Council.

Join the council with 40+ other organizations and help us redefine learning.

This is an exciting time to be an educational leader. We are gathering innovative leaders who are designing new models of learning to better meet the needs of every child, every day. If you are ready to collaborate with colleagues from across Michigan, we would love to hear from you.