Future of Learning Council
Our mission

Every Child.
Every Day.

The mission of the Future of Learning Council is to provide a structured environment for Michigan leaders to learn about next-generation learning models, share design practices, and gain access to high quality professional learning with other school leaders. The Future of Learning Council has proudly established a professional collaboration with Michigan Virtual. Through this partnership, the Future of Learning Council will facilitate thought leadership experiences, provide insight on innovative technologies to impact learning, and build Michigan educators’ leadership capacity to usher in bold new opportunities for students across the state.
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Our Organizational Values

Who We Are

In March of 2017, a small group of Michigan school superintendents began meeting to share strategies on district redesign and educational innovations to support next-generation student learning. This group of leaders continued to meet regularly to collaborate, share resources, and strategize on transforming their local learning communities. 


Soon this group of 6 public school districts became a professional learning community of 19 districts representing both public and charter school systems. Over time, the network primarily focused their efforts on exploring, researching and implementing competency-based education, and thus formally became the Michigan Competency Consortium (MCC). 


In 2021, the members of the MCC reassessed the purpose and scope of their consortium, recognizing the need to broaden their efforts beyond competency-based education; they unanimously agreed to become the Future of Learning Council (FLC). 


In June 2022, the Future of Learning Council was officially granted non-profit status by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization. The FLC is now located in Lansing, Michigan on the campus of Michigan Virtual. The FLC builds the capacity and knowledge of district and intermediate school leaders to transform traditional learning environments into highly personalized, next-generation learning models that meet the needs of Every Child, Every Day.

Redefining Learning

Our Focus

We have a unique opportunity to chart a new course for learning in our state by blending the best of our traditional instructional model with an intentional focus on innovations in learning and technology. Through the support and partnership of Michigan Virtual, the Future of Learning Council will operate as a think tank for next-generation district leaders; a learning institute for educational pioneers; a community of support for Michigan’s vanguard; and a source of inspiration that will catalyze the future of learning in Michigan and beyond. Join us on this journey to reimagine education! 



  1. Collaborative effort by district leaders who are developing clarity on the work to personalize learning for all students.
  2. Consider and create new models of learning which provide equitable access for all students
  3. Gain access to high quality professional learning that targets short and long term learning needs
COVID-19's Impact

Transition to the Future of Learning Council

The future of education is now. For many districts, COVID-19 reaffirmed what they already knew about the limitations of traditional learning models; for others, the pandemic revealed new opportunities to meet the needs of all students using more flexible structures and systems. 


The Future of Learning Council is committed to leveraging research and recent lessons from the pandemic to institute a longterm, systemic shift in teaching and learning. 


The McKinsey Global Institute recently defined the skills citizens will need to thrive in the future world of work, no matter their occupation. They highlighted three significant areas of development. Citizens will need the ability to:

  1. add value beyond what can be done by automated systems and intelligent machines
  2. operate in digital environments
  3. continually adapt to new ways of working and new conditions


To prepare students for a future where they can add value, succeed in digital environments, and seamlessly adapt to new conditions, educators need to develop the conditions for learners to practice and master cognitive, interpersonal, digital, and self-leadership competencies now

Therefore, the future of education requires us to substitute traditional time-based structures for models that are designed by and for students—models that embrace flexibility in location, time, modality, and assessment—and models that nurture social and emotional development.

Professional Collaboration

Partnering with Michigan Virtual

Since 1998, Michigan Virtual has been working hard to provide a path to the future for students and educators. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation focused on education, Michigan Virtual believes that every person possesses the brilliance to change the world with the next big idea.

Michigan Virtual has partnered with over 500 school districts, tens of thousands of teachers from across the state, and countless homeschool families. As a mission-driven organization committed to student success, Michigan Virtual has supported Michigan education for more than two decades. While primarily known for providing high-quality online courses for students and professional development for educators, the organization also conducts original research, tests innovations in learning, and promotes best practices on a local and national scale.

The education landscape is changing faster than ever and Michigan Virtual is committed to remaining at the forefront of teaching and learning innovations. As such, Michigan Virtual has been exploring and implementing new ways to engage with partners and professional organizations. Michigan Virtual’s 2021-2023 strategic goals focus on supporting schools, educators, and families as they transform their vision for student learning from concept to reality.

As thought leaders in next-generation learning models, Michigan Virtual and the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute will provide the Future of Learning Council with the administrative, research and development support needed to become Michigan’s foremost resource for innovation in learning.

Michigan Virtual