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COVID Recovery: Five Strategies for Advancing Student-Centered Innovation

Five Strategies

Strategy 1: Building a Culture and a System Oriented Towards Innovation

Current Status
Recommendation: Create a Flexibility Guide with Annual Reports of Waivers

Strategy 2: Rethinking Seat Time & Student Engagement
Recommendation: Authorize Schools of Innovation

Strategy 3: Creating Transparent Competency-Based Learning Frameworks

Current Status

Recommendation: Explore a Systemic Approach to Competency-Based Learning Frameworks

Strategy 4: Establishing Competency-Based Graduation Pathways

Current Status

Recommendations: Establish More Clearly Defined Competency-Based College and Career Pathways and Strengthen Data Systems to Ensure Equitable Participation

Strategy 5: Balancing State Assessment Systems

Current Status
Recommendations: Build Performance Assessment Literacy and Explore Integration in the State’s Accountability System

Recognition of Limits